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Tri-fold brochure designers

For a trifold to have the desired effect, it is essential to have the suitable person -the specialized professional- in (...)

Tri-fold brochure pros

A trifold has many advantages over other graphic pieces. First of all, it is a marketing tool indispensable to any serious (...)

Tri-fold brochure samples

These are concrete examples of trifolds: NJ Corp., an organization in New Jersey that provides home orthopedic rehabilitation, (...)

Tri-fold brochure design tips advises you on ten basic steps that will guide you through the making of the trifold that your (...)

What is a tri-fold brochure?

A trifold is a tri-sided brochure. These three sides are the result of folding a sheet of paper two times. What it is (...)

Who needs a tri-fold brochure design?

Trifolds are graphic pieces which are frequently used by companies as a means of promotion, owing to all their advantages. (...)