Tri-fold brochure pros

A trifold has many advantages over other graphic pieces. First of all, it is a marketing tool indispensable to any serious company, especially in terms of introduction and promotion of products and services. It is provided with enough space �six panels- to include essential information about a company and its production. The inclusion of pictures, in addition to the textual information, helps to form a clear idea of the characteristics and the importance of the product or service that is being promoted. These brochures are often the first contact between a company and one potential client. Therefore, a design which depicts the corporate identity of the company is extremely important.

Another advantage trifolds have -regardless of their size- is that, since they are folded, people burn with curiosity to know what they are about.

Furthermore, these graphic pieces can be aimed at all sorts of people, according to the interests of each particular company. If a trifold is aimed at a large number of people, then it is advisable to emphasize its esthetic aspect. It is also possible to surprise recipients by taking advantage of the different sides these brochures have and the different ways of folding them, thus creating very interesting things.

Similarly, if the trifold is aimed at a more specialized public, the emphasis may be placed on the text. In this case, the space will be exploited according to hierarchy, classification and groups of information, and, above all, easy reading will be given priority to. Another important advantage is that these graphic pieces are generally given out personally -either by post or from hand to hand - which means that those who receive them tend to keep them and read them carefully. A trifold is the graphic materialization of a company and their products which stay not only in the hands but also in the head of the clients. Besides, this kind of brochure is very practical: if it is standard-sized, it can be sent by post in a conventional envelope.

Moreover, those trifolds whose esthetics fits the essence of the company they are representing causes a strong feeling of credibility, seriousness and, at the same time, closeness. In fact, brochures with a high quality design express the excellence of all the products and services offered by the company they are representing and clearly show how interested this company is in a more personal contact with its clients, both present and prospective.

Folds and formats

As it has been mentioned above, trifolds consist of three folded sides, one on top of the other, which can be superposed in different ways. Although there is one standard size, which makes printing and circulation easier, this does not necessarily mean that more daring formats and more exotic folds cannot be introduced.

The conventional size of a trifold is:
8.5�� x 3.67�� (when the it is closed)
8.5��x 11�� (when it is open)

Bigger sizes are often double or triple letter format paper.

A trifold can be horizontal or vertical:

It can be folded in different ways:

These two folds can also be assigned to horizontal trifolds:

Notice that when the trifold is closed its sides might not be completely superposed:

However, when it is closed, the trifold should be as compact as possible, to make it easier to be kept. Hence, it is not advisable to let a piece of paper out of the closed trifold:

There is a format which allows a completely different fold: that in which a paper-cutter is implied, as, for instance:

Whatever the final result is, the most important thing is to consider the multiple ways of making a trifold. The designer must have a creative mind which allows him or her to produce original formats and folds as well as original designs by making use of the sides of the brochure, not only considering each of them separately, but also in interaction with each other. In addition to the conventional vertical format, innovative and catchy trifolds can be made by introducing new formats and folds.