Tri-fold brochure samples

These are concrete examples of trifolds:

NJ Corp., an organization in New Jersey that provides home orthopedic rehabilitation, put the design of a trifold in charge of a staff of highly experienced graphic designers. The aim of this brochure was to promote the products offered by the company, that is to say, orthopedic products which make medical care easier for patients in their own homes. Blue and green, which are the colors of the logo, were used for the cover picture and for the inside panels in order to reinforce the corporate identity and the idea of health. The style is simple, modern and kind, and it wants to produce a feeling of confidence in the public. The services offered by NJ Corp. are explicitly shown by the clear text layout and the inside pictures.

In this case, a firm of consultants specialized in digital organization of documents asked for the services of a design agency to have a trifold done. They were looking for a formal, sober style which reflected the seriousness of the company. Therefore, colors such as moss green and brown were especially chosen. The pictures included in the panels try to highlight interpersonal relations for the purpose of producing a feeling of confidence, which is essential to this company dedicated to the organization of documents.

Anchor Point, a company dedicated to control people�s telephone rates, needed to promote its services. To this end, a professional graphic-design agency designed a trifold whose style was sober and at the same time kind, partly because of the white background with details in moss green and partly because of the well-organized way in which information was set out. Graphs and curved lines, which are very attractive, were included.

This trifold was made for EGL, a company specialized in neon light marketing. It has a clear and convincing style, according to its explanatory and commercial purposes. White is predominant in the layout, but the inclusion of chromatic details and well-matched miscellanies produces great interest as well as a high impact, since the trifold harmoniously combines areas of limited visual power with others more powerful and attractive. On top of the frontal panel, there is a dynamic picture of lights and cables which clearly reinforces the idea that this company is dedicated to electrical activities. In the inside panels, there is an informative text and a chart describing the different types of lamps. Red, gray, white and also black, colors connected to technology and to the strong luminosity of the products being promoted, were predominant. These colors also helped to reinforce the corporate identity, as they are the colors which identify this brand.