Who needs a tri-fold brochure design?

Trifolds are graphic pieces which are frequently used by companies as a means of promotion, owing to all their advantages. They contain enough information about the activities of an organization, and they are distributed among the public in a direct manner.

That is why all kind of companies and institutions employ them as a marketing instrument. In the case of small-sized companies, trifolds are particularly useful as introduction, in which the basic values of an organization, its working methods and its products and services are make known.

It is very important for newly established or small-sized companies to have brochures of good quality, because they inspire seriousness and confidence and help to form their identity. Moreover, a trifold that is well-designed will make people remember the image of a company.

On the other hand, big-sized companies which are firmly established in the market use trifolds to reinforce their corporate identity so that present clients do not forget it and prospective clients feel attracted by it. These brochures are also used to introduce new products or to announce the last important news of the company �such as new branch offices, reforms, new technology, etc.-.

Trifolds are useful for, among others, cultural, educative and professional institutions, since they can contain information about activities, courses, timetables and fee. Then, we may say that they are easily adaptable to any necessity. Therefore, various organizations employ them to transmit information and to capture people�s attention.